Services Offered by Uzair Hammad Faisal

  • Statutory & Management Audits
  • Design & Documentation of Accounting and Internal Control Systems
  • Business Risk Assessment
  • Taxation Services Advisory Services
  • Financial Feasibilities for Capital & Working Capital Investments
  • Technology based consultancy services
  • ERP Implementation Support
  • Due Diligence Audits
  • Corporate Consultancy Services
  • Accounts Outsourcing (Local & Abroad)
  • Business Process Re-engineering

Statutory & Management Audits

We perform statutory audits for companies as required by the Companies Ordinance, 1984.

In addition to statutory audits we perform management audits covering the following fields of an enterprise:

  • Evaluating the achievements of the management in relation to the organisational objectives and overall systems of planning, organizing, controlling and evaluating
  • Auditing in pursuance of a Specific Contract
  • Investigative auditing with reference to appointment as inspectors under The Companies Ordinance, 1984
  • Internal audit
  • Systems and operational audit
  • Due diligence audit

Designing and Documentation of Accounting and Internal Control Systems

We perform reviews of existing internal control systems to identify discrepancies and weaknesses and recommend improvements. We also design, develop, document and implement customized internal control systems and company policies and procedures for further improvement in the changing business environment.

Business Risk Assessment

We perform evaluation of business risk for investors to ensure adequate returns and liquidity from a proposed investment. This includes a study of existing portfolio and identification of new opportunities for its diversification to minimize business risk.

Taxation Services Advisory Services

Advise in preparation and presentation of accounting records and financial statements for Income Tax and Sales Tax assessments. We prepare and present tax returns to various tax authorities as well as represent our clients before the appellate authorities. We also compile information and e- file the annual income tax returns and monthly & annual with-holding tax statements using FBR – E Portal.

Preparation of Financial Feasibility

We perform study and analysis of industry trends and conduct market surveys for preparation of financial feasibilities, for industrial expansion and market penetration.

Technology based consultancy services

Designing and development of decision-making models and Financial Reporting Systems using latest tools and technology for efficient and effective management. Transformation of manual accounting system to automated.

ERP Implementation Support

We offer ERP implementation support to clients who have opted for implementation of internationally renowned ERP software solutions. We adopt the role of liaison between the client and the Implementation Consultants. We have introduced this service after realizing the need that during such implementations, the client’s personnel spend a lot of time in assisting the Implementation Consultants while at the same time performing their day to day functions with same efficiency.

We act as bridge between the client and the Implementation Consultants and gather user requirements acquire detailed knowledge of the ERP solution and evaluate the solutions and workarounds recommended by the Implementation Consultants. Based on such information we advise the client before committing to a final ERP Implementation Plan. In such assignments we keep our involvement till the end of the implementation and also provide data entry support to client and check the results of data processing by reconciling/ matching reports generated from the ERP and the legacy system.

Accounts Outsourcing

We perform the function of accounts outsourcing for small and medium size enterprises. All information whether at client’s premises or ours, is kept in full confidence. A package of suitable periodic reports is presented to the clients and discussed accordingly. These services are provided to local as well as foreign clients. In case of foreign clients, we use various modes for communication of information to and from the clients.

Due Diligence Audits

We perform due diligence audits for valuation of entities for the purpose of acquisition and mergers.

Business Re-engineering

We educate entrepreneurs about the benefits of organizing businesses and giving a corporate structure to their entities. We provide corporate solutions for formulizing sole proprietorships and partnerships into limited liability companies and develop plans for rapid expansion and growth as adopted in the developed countries of the world.

Corporate Consultancy Services

We provide corporate consultancy services that include incorporation of companies and handling of various corporate matters in accordance with the requirements laid down in the Companies Ordinance 1984.

Other HR Services; Testing and Recruitment

The firm also provides testing services in search and placement of human resource for our valued clients. These professionals include top to junior level managers and other staff. There is a diverse array of clients including multinational corporations, local organizations of varying sizes and startup companies. Our searches are wide and extensive and our evaluation criteria are unmatched in accuracy and effectiveness. For every client, a unique approach and innovative methodology is adopted, which ensures that the client gets the right candidates for the job.

Highly responsive, capable and designated team of professionals offers the following testing and recruitment services to our esteemed clients:

  • Designing advertisements for job placements;
  • Targeted searches;
  • Resume/CV hosting and screening;
  • Test preparation i.e. a complete guideline for test preparation;
  • Test conducting;
  • Monitoring the invigilation staff and premises for any inconsistency with the SOPs;
  • Quality assurance;
  • Ensuring transparency in tests;
  • Establishing performance ranking criteria;
  • Result compiling and score ranking;
  • Communicating tests progress to the clients;
  • Short listing for interviews;
  • Interviewing, testing and behavioral analysis;
  • Antecedent and testimonials’ verification;

In addition to the HR testing services, following specialized services are provided by the firm:

  • Staff training and professional development;
  • Strategic planning of Human Resources;