Some of our clients are mentioned below along with a brief detail of services provided.
1. Medipharm (Private) Limited (Lahore)sech
Medipharm (Private) Limited is one of the leading pharmaceutical company of Pakistan (licensee of Schering AG, a multinational pharmaceutical company) with a turnover of PKR 900 Million per annum. For Medipharm (Private) Ltd., our team:

  • Documented the existing accounting, internal control and management information systems.
  • Evaluated the existing system and the current usage of the Enterprise Resource Planning Solution (ERP), SCALA.
  • Studied the user manuals of SCALA and identified data processing routines, not previously used, that would add significant value to various operations.
  • Suggested changes to the accounting and internal control systems in order to increase system efficiency and ensure data integrity through effective usage of the ERP solution.
  • Documented the proposed system after incorporating the changes to facilitate the management in proposed system’s implementation.

We documented complete operating and management information systems of

  • Fixed Capital Expenditure
  • Stocks & Production
  • Purchases and Payables
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Human Resource and Payroll
  • Treasury Management

Our evaluation of the system involved consideration of all aspects including the requirements of the Drug Act 1976, Labelling and Packaging Rules, guide lines issued by Schering AG and other regulations relevant to the pharmaceutical industry, as a whole, and Medipharm itself.

2. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (Lahore)
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (SKMT) is the largest cancer hospital and research centre in Asia. For SKMT, our team: skm

  • Studied the structure of the Finance Department.
  • Observed the functionality of various systems within the department and their relevance to other procedures of the organization.
  • Developed a proposed system in order to rectify the system weaknesses and bottlenecks.
  • Documented the proposed system.
  • Identified roles and responsibilities of the personnel in the finance department for the purpose of implementing the proposed accounting and internal control system.
  • Suggested data processing controls required to be introduced in the Management Information System.

3. HAWKS Engineering (Manufacturers) (Lahore)

  • Set up an accounting and internal control system.
  • Restructured organizational chart of the entity.
  • Documented job descriptions of the accounts personnel in accordance with the overall system of controls.
  • Trained the staff to implement the proposed system.

3. MERAJ Industries (Manufacturers) (Lahore)

  • Set up an accounting and internal controls system.
  • Developed job description of the accounts personnel in accordance with the organizational chart.
  • Trained the staff to implement the proposed system.
  • Presently providing services of internal audit to the entity.

4. MODEL Pharmacy – The Children Hospital (Lahore)
We have set up the accounting and internal control system of the pharmacy and performed internal audit since inception of the establishment.

5. Media Magic (Private) Limited (Islamabad)
We have set up the accounting and internal control system for the above-mentioned company. The company is operating as a production concern and a release agency. It has acquired airing time on local channels from Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV).

6. HA Construction (Lahore)
We have set up accounting and internal control systems of the enterprise. Moreover the scope of our appointment includes periodic internal audit to ensure compliance with the recommended procedures. The entity is one of the leading construction concerns of Pakistan having its branch offices in all the major cities and a turnover of PKR 1.5 Billion per annum.

7. Digital Plus
We are developing an accounting system for this entity. The entity is engaged in the Import and Supply of security system.

8. Wood Aesthetics (Private) Limited
We are developing an accounting and costing system of this enterprise. The entity is engaged in manufacture and supply of furniture both inside and outside Pakistan having an annual turnover of PKR 300 Million.

9. Ramazan Ali Syed Memorial Hospital
RASMH is one of the leading hospitals of ophthalmology in Pakistan. We are developing an accounting and internal control system of the hospital.

11. Infinity Engineering (Private) Limited
The company is mainly oriented in subcontracting activities specialized in Forging, Precision Machining and Heat Treatment of Auto parts and Engineering components. We have developed a comprehensive Standard Costing System for the entity to enable the calculation and validation of cost of the products manufactured.

12. Copaeb and Toricaf (Coffee and Cocoa Trading Business, Ivory Coast – Africa)

We have provided system designing services to one of our clients’ international business concerns in the African Continent, operating under the above mentioned names. We

  • Studied the business requirements and gained knowledge of the specific business to enable us to design the accounting and financial reporting system.
  • Set up an accounting, internal controls and financial reporting system, implement accounting software, design chart of accounts, developed control documents and reporting templates.
  • Developed job description of the accounts personnel in accordance with the organizational chart.
  • Trained the staff to implement the proposed system.

13. Ravi Automobile (Private) LimitedRavi

In addition to the development of accounting and finance related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the company and carrying out periodic internal audit we have developed and introduced a multi layer internal control system. In particular, an effective and efficient comprehensive internal control system was designed specifically for the company and implemented in its area of operations to ensure that objectives of a transparent and accountable internal control system are achieved.

14. Comprehensive Health & Education Forum (CHEF) International CHEF

Founded in 2007 at Peshawar as Non-Profit Organization (NPO) under the Societies Act 1860 and is funded by Christoffel Blinden Mission (CBM), a reputed donor organization with over 100 years of expertise worldwide, based in GERMANY. The ideology of CHEF is to contribute high quality health care and educational opportunities to the needed population in addition to ensure human resource development and providing basic health care to the poor.

We have provided consultancy and advisory services to the accounts department regarding the preparation of books of accounts and financial statements. Also monitoredand reported our observations and progress of accounts department to the foreign donors.


Presently we are also providing book-keeping and audit assurance services to CHEF International for special projects carried out for FLOOD RELIEF ACTIVITIES in the affected areas all over Pakistan to ensure transparent and fair disbursements of funds and support to the affected.

15. SRC (Private) Limited SRC

SRC (Private) Limited, formely known as Shafi Reso Chemicals (Private) Limited is a leading chemical manufacturer and supplier In Pakistan. We are developing a stock categorization and movement Structure for the organization.

In addition to the abobe we are also responsible for carrying out a monthly stock check and quarterly review of the Sales and Receivable component of the entity’s financials.